The WASP Handbook

The purpose of this online handbook is to aid you in understanding WASP and to provide you with information, practices, and polices that will help you in navigating your WASP experience.

The WASP Handbook includes a short introduction to the WASP program, a word list explaining terms and abbreviations frequently used in WASP and a manual with instructions.

The manual is divided into two categories:

How-to for PhD students treats the Graduate School activities one by one from registration to requisition.

How-to for supervisors and PI’s (coming soon) treats routines of specific interest for senior staff, such as recruitment, introduction of new employees, requisition and events.

It is our ambition to keep the information updated and easy to find. If you observe anything that is outdated or unclear, please let us know.

Online Handbook Responsible

Anna Knutsson

Coordinator, Events and Graduate School