The goal of the clusters in WASP is to support networking and collaboration among PhD students and faculty that are active in the same research areas. Three types of clusters are supported: core technology clusters, application clusters, and area clusters.

The core technology clusters are managed by the WASP students. They are focused on some core technology, theory, tool or method that several PhD students are interested in and want to discuss and learn more about.

The application and area clusters are managed by WASP faculty. The application clusters gather faculty and students working within the same application area, and area clusters gather faculty and students to discuss common interests within a particular technical area.

Cluster activities

Each cluster has the possibility to arrange activities with funding from WASP centrally.

For information about funding for international trips, see International study trip

Register to WASP Clusters

New registrations and changes of earlier choices to the WASP clusters are done using the link below.

  • Supervisors can register to any number of Area or Application clusters.
  • PhD students and Postdocs can only register for two Core Technology clusters and two Area or Application clusters, i.e a maximum of four clusters.

Please note – by using the form below your latest submission will be saved. If you are already a member of any clusters, a new registration will be made and your previous choices will be overwritten. If you intend to stay in your current cluster(s) and join an additional one, make sure to mark all the clusters you wish to be a member of.

Inform the cluster leader that you are new

After you have filled in the registration form, please contact the cluster leader and inform them that you are a new member and wants to be invited to the meetings and receive information.

All clusters have channels in Slack, the use of them are however optional and may therefor vary. If you already are a member of the WASP Slack workspace, you can easily search and find the relevant channels for you. It is up to each cluster member to join or leave the cluster channels you are interested in or do not wish to take part in.

Not a member of the WASP Slack yet? Please visit the information page about WASP Slack to get going.

Name of the cluster and cluster leaders: Cluster_contacts


Karl-Erik Årzén

Professor, Department of Automatic Control, Lund University