This cluster unites WASP industrial, affiliated and academic PhD students and their supervisor in a broad area of cybersecurity. This includes network security, security of autonomous systems (e.g. drones, vehicles), cloud security, formal verification, web security, language and IoT security. Some cluster members are active in WASP Research Arenas, such as Public Safety.

Past meetings

  • At WASP Winter conference 2023 in January, Norrköping
  • At SWITS-WASP event in Uppsala, WASP4ALL conference (cybersecurity in focus this year), June 2023.

Future meetings

  • At WASP Winter conference 2024 in January
  • Proposed cluster trip to ACM CCS23 conference in Copenhagen in October 2023.

Contact all members

Email-address to all cluster members:
You will be added to the mailinglist when you become a member of the cluster, please see the Cluster starting page for information on how to become a member.
You are deleted from the cluster mailinglist when you resign from cluster membership.

Cluster Leader

Andrei Gurtov

Professor, Department of Computer and Information Science, Linköping University